About Us

About OseTub

Electronic technology has penetrated into every part of our lives. We have been committed to the development of the electronics industry for decades, constantly improving the quality of products to provide customers with the best experience. We have our own high-tech R&D team, insisting on the original design of the products, and demand the quality of the products with the highest standards. OseTub has the best engineers to escort the product quality, as well as experienced customer service, it means being capable of meeting customer needs, willing to help customers and provide prompt response. Meeting customer requirements and providing quality service are our ultimate goals.


About Product

Our products not only include Thunderbolt 3, USB and USB-C docking stations and audio and video connections for daily use, but also contains many new technology products, such as live broadcast equipment, recording equipment, High Definition Switch, KVM Switch, usb c hub with hard drive enclosure , and a series of novel products.


Our Vision

To Be a Leading Electronic Technology Maker with Innovative Strength.